Teeth Whitening Quincy

Quincy Dentists have the skills and expertise to make your smile shine like new with effective and professional teeth whitening services. By and large, people mostly think of normal teeth as being white, but in reality they can come in a myriad of different shades. It might not always be your fault that your teeth are anything less than a pristine shade of white.

Reasons for Discoloration:

  • Genetics can often come into play. Tooth color can run in your family, which can either be a blessing or somewhat of an inconvenience.
  • Aging can affect the color of your smile over time, making your teeth lose their luster.
  • Certain types of maladies can the sheen and color of your teeth. Conversely, certain types of medications that you take for illnesses, such as certain forms of antibiotics, can alter the hue of your teeth.
  • More obviously, using tobacco as well as over-exposure to stain-causing food and drinks can change the color of your teeth over time. Berries, certain types of sauces, coffee, black tea, red wine, and cola can have lasting adverse effects on your teeth, making them less shiny and white.

Quincy Dentists can whiten your teeth, no matter what cards you’ve been dealt. We offer in-office whitening services that are much stronger and more effective than over the counter, home-use whiteners and products you can purchase at the grocery store. Our methods will change the shade of your teeth much faster than other methods.

The procedure is usually performed in an hour or so. We will effectively remove coffee, tea, red wine, and cigarette-smoke stains, ensuring that you walk out of our doors with a brand new smile. We create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and safe.

Contact us today for your teeth whitening in Quincy, MA. We’re confident we can give you lasting results that we can both be proud of.

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