Root Canal Quincy

Quincy Dentists can help you with specialized root canal procedures in Quincy, MA. Endodontics is the field of specialization required to perform root canals. Though every endodontist is a dentist, not all dentists are endodontists. As a matter of fact a very small percentage of dentists go through the supplemental instruction in order to distinguish themselves as an endodontist.

We have the cutting edge technology and the specialized expertise to properly and effectively perform your root canal in Quincy, MA.

Because your teeth are made of multiple layers, a badly damaged tooth can traumatize and cause decay from the inside. The pulp is a network of nerves and blood vessels that maintain the life force of your tooth. If your tooth is badly damaged, either from being traumatized in some sort of way or from decay, your tooth’s pulp may become infected, which will then spread. A root canal can help properly cease the spreading of your infection by removing your damaged and decayed tissue from the inside out. After which your tooth will be sealed, allowing you to move on with your life comfortably.

The Root Canal Procedure

Your dentist at Quincy Dentists will properly numb the area, in which we will drill a small hole in the infected tooth in order to access your pulp chamber and root canals. Decayed pulp tissue will be removed and your chambers will also be disinfected during this process. After the access hole is sealed, a crown is placed over the tooth to prevent further damage in the future. This procedure can generally be performed in two hours or less with a skillful hand.

A root canal procedure is often seen as a painful process, but, in actuality, this procedure is designed to relieve pain. Contact Quincy Dentists today and we’ll give you a comprehensive consultation in order to decide if you would benefit from a root canal procedure. Make your appointment today and we’ll give you the treatment and relief you need.

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