Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the Best Dentist For Me?

Any medical care is incredibly personal, and you want to be sure that your dentist truly has their patient’s welfare at heart. At Quincy Dentists, our staff is not only certified, well trained and experienced. We also take great care to make sure each and every one of our patients is comfortable and that they are satisfied with their treatment.

What Is Included in a Standard Visit?

Performing regular check-ups and cleaning is essential to good health. During a visit to our office, your teeth will be inspected by the dentist and your gums will be probed to ensure that your gums are healthy. An experienced Dental Hygienist will also clean and polish your teeth and will perform x-rays when necessary. The whole process takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half.

Why Do I Need to Visit the Dentist Regularly?

We see this all the time: a patient waits until something hurts before coming in for a check up, and as a result, their issue is much, much worse than it could have been. Performing regular checkups once every six months allows our dentists to identify trouble before it becomes a huge, painful and expensive issue. Regular cleanings also promote good oral health, decreasing the likelihood that you will experience pain in the first place.

Do I Really Need to Floss?

Absolutely. Brushing is very effective at removing bacteria living on the external surfaces of your teeth. However, it is not effective in reaching the area between teeth, which can become a haven for bacteria. The best method of removing that plague is by flossing.

Can You Help Me Navigate the Insurance Process?

It would be our pleasure. We know how incredibly complicated the process can be. Part of providing you with the best treatment possible is helping to make payment and insurance as simple as possible. Our Office Manager will work out the details with you and determine what is and isn’t covered.

I Don’t Have Dental Insurance. Can You Still Help?

Yes, we can. We recognize that everyone should have access to dental care and will do everything we can to work with you on getting the necessary care. We would be more than happy to discuss options for how we can get you what you need.

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