Dental Implants

Dental implants can significantly improve the lives of people who have lost teeth due to an accident or decay. Quincy Dentists has a staff of skilled specialists who have the cutting edge tools and know-how to effectively complete your dental implant procedure in Quincy, MA.

There are a number of reasons to take care of a missing tooth, and the most important ones have nothing to do with appearance or aesthetics. There are functional consequences to letting a missing tooth go untreated.

Well over half the U.S. population (70% or so) is thought to be missing at least one tooth. Usually this will be a molar in the back of one’s mouth, which are the easiest to rationalize leaving untreated. But the underlying problem with tooth loss doesn’t have much to do aesthetics (although appearance is quite important to most people). Bone loss that comes along with tooth loss has far more severe and lasting consequences. Your alveolar bone, bone matter that surrounds your teeth, requires a certain amount of daily stimulation to maintain its health and functionality. This stimulation comes from day to day use, and without stimulation your alveolar bone will start to break down.

What happens when bone is lost?

One tooth will result in inconvenient consequences, but the loss of multiple teeth could be significantly worse. Eventually, if untreated with dental implants, your bite could eventually collapse. At the very least, significant bone loss can severely alter the contours of your face and lips, making you appear much older.

Do dental implants provide benefits to the jawbone?

Following osseointegration, dental implants provide extensive, long-term benefits to the jawbone. When the root is absent from the tooth, the jawbone can resorb or shrink. This can change the shape of your face. Dental implants provide a replacement for the tooth root and effectively bonds with the jaw bone. When this occurs, the jawbone is prevented from shrinking and affecting your facial appearance.

Quincy Dentists can help with your dental implants in Quincy, MA. Implants can help restore your smile, offering a lasting alternative to dentures or dental bridges.

The Procedure

An implant is carefully inserted into your jawbone — it acts as an  anchor to a crown, much like the natural roots of your teeth. These crowns are custom designed to fit your mouth, color-matched to your existing teeth, making them indiscernible when compared to your real teeth. This will supply stimulation to the alveolar bone as well as keep your smile intact, preventing your teeth from shifting.

Contact Quincy Dentists today for your consultation. We’ll go over your options and decide if dental implants are the right choice for you.

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