Dental Fillings Quincy

Quincy Dentists has the cutting edge tools and leading experts to fight tooth decay on multiple fronts. We can help you get on the right track to oral health, creating a healthy and happy smile for you to enjoy for years to come.

The Problem with Tooth Decay

Tooth decay destroys the enamel of your teeth — the hard, outer, protective layer. This can especially be a problem in children, adolescents, as well as adults. Plaque, which is a sticky film of bacteria, consistently and constantly attacks your teeth. In conjunction with eating foods or drinking beverages that are high in sugars, an invasive bacteria in plaque will produce detrimental acids that will relentlessly attack your tooth enamel. The resilient stickiness of plaque will keep these acids in contact with your teeth and over time your enamel will continuously break down.

This is ripe breeding ground for cavities. A cavity is a tiny hole in your tooth. Quincy Dentists can give you lasting tooth fillings in Quincy, MA. We can fill your cavity with metal or a composite material that will prevent your tooth from decay.

Dental Fillings from Quincy Dentists

Cosmetic fillings are lasting alternatives to the common silver amalgams used to repair the damage to your teeth. These “ceramic” or “white” fillings are designed to be color matched to your tooth, which are much more discreet than silver amalgams.

Quincy Dentists will administer a seamless cosmetic filling into your tooth, followed by a focused curing light which will harden the composite material in a matter of seconds. We will then polish your filling until it exhibits a pristine, white finish. These cosmetic fillings are lasting, strong and durable, and they will not cause sensitivity. Composite fillings are used to effectively repair broken or chipped teeth, fill gaps between teeth, or even make your teeth appear more even and straight.

Quincy Dentists can help you restore your smile to optimal health. We can even help you achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted. Call us today for a comprehensive consultation and we’ll get to work for you.

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