A Gift from Quincy Dentists Scholarship

Quincy Dentists Family Dentistry provides local patients with high-quality standard care thanks to our team of highly educated and skilled doctors. We have credited the rich education of our dentists as factors in propelling us to become the premier practice in the area. Now, we would like to show our gratitude to the educational field by offering a scholarship – A Gift from Quincy Dentists.

The Gift from Quincy Dentists scholarship will be available for students for the next semester and following ones afterwards. It will be annually renewed and gifts students an opportunity to receive $500 toward their education. Additional application requirements and details are listed below.


Scholarship Instructions:

Due Date: 8/21/2022

Amount: $500.00


  • Students will be eligible to apply if they are enrolled as full-time or part-time students with a school or equivalent academic program.


Eligible students can apply by emailing or mailing to the appropriate contact details listed below. While submitting the application, please include your essay question response, student ID number, and contact information.

Mailing Address:

A Gift from Quincy Dentists Scholarship

2603 Main St. #820

Irvine, CA 92614

E-Mail: darath@solution21.com


Describe your major or field of study. How would your career benefit the society? Provide your response in a Word Document, in no more than 800 words. Use 12-point font, double-spaced paragraphs, and 1-inch margins.

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