Invisalign Quincy

Quincy Dentists can help you correct misaligned teeth in the newest, most convenient, and innovative way. We’re excited to offer Invisalign to our patients. There’s nothing that can make you feel more self-conscious than a maloccluded bite and crowded teeth. You should be able to smile without worrying about the alignment of your smile.

A crowded and misaligned smile can also have other consequences related to your oral health, increasing your risk of experiencing distinct and troublesome dental problems. Other inconveniences can occur when your teeth are uneven, crowded or gapped. They can be hard to keep clean which will facilitate the buildup of plaque and tartar, which can likely lead to periodontal disease.

Quincy Dentists prides itself on being one of the leading Invisalign providers in Quincy, MA. Many people go through their lives without braces. As children, perhaps their parents can’t afford them. Braces also represent a lot of time, energy, and dedication that can be daunting for some families. As we get older, becoming adults, it becomes even less likely that we will go along with having a mouth full of metal.

Benefits of Invisalign

The good news is, for eligible candidates, Invisalign provides a convenient alternative. This revolutionary orthodontic treatment is designed to straighten crooked teeth without braces, but instead uses virtually invisible aligner trays. These aligners are made of smooth, non abrasive plastic, which fit snugly, yet comfortably in the same way a mouth guard might. These trays are removable and won’t irritate and leave your mouth in lesions like normal braces might.

These trays are completely removable. Do you know what this means? You get to enjoy your favorite foods without consequence.

Invisalign offers a largely invisible alternative to other corrective hardware for your teeth. We build our aligners custom to your mouth, using state of the art 3D imaging. We can show you projections of how straight your teeth will be due to Invisalign before you even put them on.

Our dentists at Quincy Dentists are highly trained and certified specifically in the realm of Invisalign treatments. We can help you straighten your teeth and brighten your smile in a discreet fashion. Contact Quincy Dentists today and we’ll go over your options during our comprehensive consultation. We look forward to giving you relief from traditional braces.

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